Boston Scott Golf Supports TFT Philly

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Boston Scott has generously supported TFT Philly and our participants with some stylish golf shirts! 

Check out their story in the following article!

This up-and-coming golf brand is perfect for father-son duos by EMILY HAAS 

Stephen Hoffman and his son, Boston, picked up golf at the same time. Stephen had always been a baseball player, but got into golf later in life; Boston was just 2 years old when he first picked up a club. By the age of 6, Boston began taking lessons with Mike Thomas, Justin Thomas’ dad, and competing in national junior golf tournaments. There was just one problem — junior golf clothes were boring.

Boston had a closet full of polos, but none of them fit just right. Plus, the father-son, caddie-player duo loved to match on the course, so when Boston told his dad he wanted to dress like Justin Thomas, they had an idea — Boston Scott Golf.

Stephen Hoffman, an analytical thinker with a computer science background, took a logical approach to shirt design. He and Boston discussed everything that was wrong with polo shirts — some are too slim, others too big, the sleeves are too long, there isn’t enough room in the armpit, the back ends up looking like a tail when untucked, the collar doesn’t stay up, etc. They ripped apart dozens of shirts, created their own patterns, secured a patent for their designs and, thanks to a connection from a former business endeavor, easily found a manufacturer.

They wore them to a few tournaments and received amazing feedback from other families on the junior golf circuit. The unique patterns were refreshing in the junior golf space, and the men’s shirts sold on consignment at country clubs up and down the east coast.

They even started to generate chatter among mini-tour players, but they wanted to think bigger. Their minds wandered to the PGA Tour. Earlier in 2020, Scott Piercy created some controversy over some social media remarks and consequently lost his clothing sponsorship. Boston Scott, a family-friendly brand, did not take the remarks lightly but decided that everyone deserves a second chance. They got to know Piercy, listened to his apology, vetted his reputation through other PGA Tour friends, and developed a relationship with him and his family. They knew pretty quickly that Piercy was their guy.

Right now, Boston Scott sells a wide variety of patterned shirts and a few accessories, like hats and belts. A proprietary fabric construction method tightens size variance to almost zero, so once you know your size, you can order any color or pattern. Soon, the brand will release pants and shorts using a fabric technology that will help it feel cool to the touch even on the hottest of days. They’re also working on a new golf shoe, which you can expect to see on Piercy in the coming months. A line of women’s clothes, too, are on the horizon.

Learn more about this growing brand at and scroll down to see a few of our favorite items available today.

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