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By Coach Anthony


We had 4 teams compete over a 3 month period. We had practiced for the first few weeks and matches followed. Thank you to Sean for allowing us to block off the front 7 holes on a few afternoons, we got lucky to play in a few misty days where it wasn’t an issue of public play.
Each team had a captain, who was an older TFT student. They were held responsible for communicating to their team members, organizing who will attend practices and reporting that information with me. The captains did a great job in being on time, and always leading their team whether it was a match or a practice. They also had the responsibility of putting together their team’s “lineups.” Each match they paired there teams of 8 players into twosomes.
The kids/parents really enjoyed having the responsibility of running their own team. Every week, they enjoyed competing against each other and they all improved their scoring throughout the season.
Team Platinum took the crown for this year’s Team Champion for the 2019 Fall League. Great job and we look forward to 2020!

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