My Intern Experience By Ashley Murphy

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My name is Ashley Murphy and I had the pleasure of interning for The First Tee of Greater Philadelphia during the summer of 2019. During my time here, I got a taste of all aspects of the organization including fundraising, event planning, business operations, and coaching. Before starting this position, I knew about The First Tee and their mission, but I did not realize how significant its impact was on the participating children and the surrounding community. 

One of my duties here was coaching for Kids on the Hill, in which we teach the game of golf to the kids of the Police Athletic League of Philadelphia. It is special to get kids involved with the game of golf, especially when they do not have many other opportunities to play.

 In addition to teaching the children golf skills, I experienced what it takes to fundraise and put on events for this organization. I sent thank you letters to donors and emailed local businessmen and women about possibly participating in upcoming events in support of The First Tee. In addition to this, I saw the business operations side of the organization from many different viewpoints. I attended my first ever board meeting, where the Board of Directors discussed both the past and future of the organization. Plus, I sat in on an advisory board meeting, where partnering businessmen and women working at local companies suggested ideas and helped to plan for upcoming events. Throughout college, I have learned the importance of networking and building relationships, and this meeting definitely emphasized this. Connecting to the corporate world is essential for the stability and growth of a non-profit, and it is fascinating to see these connections take place. In addition to the board and advisory meetings, I saw how the organization operates from the viewpoint of staff members. Attending the staff meeting provided me with insight on things that were going well and potential improvements to be made within the organization. The First Tee of Greater Philadelphia has a small number of full-time employees, which allowed me to have a closer look into the different responsibilities necessary to successfully run the non-profit every day. 

During my last week as an intern here, I attended the special event called Tee Time: Girls Golf and Fashion Show. This intrigued me because the game of golf is typically considered to be a male-dominated sport. It is essential for young women to experience the game of golf, as well as the life skills and opportunities involved. Not only did many of The First Tee female students play 9 holes, but they modeled Lilly Pulitzer outfits in a fashion show. This was a great way for the girls to build confidence, which is one of the core values this organization focuses on. 

Overall, I am very thankful for all the opportunities I have received, as well as the connections made here at The First Tee. I vividly noticed the positive impact this organization has on the children and the community. I encourage more kids, parents, companies, and individuals to get involved. Thank you to the team members and students of The First Tee for a great experience!

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