Coach’s Corner: Simulator League Update

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By: Anthony Hoffman

This Past Saturday concluded our Winter Simulator Series with a championship at the Junior Level (10-13yrs old) and the ‘Amateur Level’ (14-18yrs old). After 6 weeks of Regular season play, 4 students of each level qualified for the championship event. Lenny Gipson held the low round of the series with a 3 under par score in week 5 to help solidify his spot amongst the finalist. The 4 selections for each division’s championship contenders were based upon season-long scoring averages.


The Qualifiers were:
Amateur level: 
Samuel Smith
Luke Beggy
Lenny Gipson
Richard Beggy


Junior Level:
Devin Carpentar
Johnny “Banana Boy” Strollo
Gianna Cerne
Joey Mancini


The Junior Championship Round went off at 9:00 am with the Amateur Championship followed at 11:30 am.
Junior Champion: Devin Carpentar


Amateur Champion: Luke Beggy
It was a great season, and we can’t wait to get outside to see how the game translates!

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